So I had (a little) time to spare and decided to binge on the Dine Out pack.

This game started out like how all my Sims games do – in pursuit of one pre-destined goal of perfection.

In this case, make a kickass sushi restaurant.

No motherlode to help you out here …

I picked a random Asian Sim and got to work. For many Sim-days she did nothing but slaved over the restaurant. The star ratings climbed steadily.

… as did the death toll from the sales of Pufferfish Nigiri (R.I.P. Katrina Caliente, Malcolm Landgraab and Hugo Villareal).

And then she hit the Adult stage with not a love interest in sight. Not in her relationship panel at least.

But I’ve noticed she kept rolling whims to be friendly with Bjorn Bjergsen. He and his wife were regular patrons at Yuu Ya (now famous for dangerous sushi).

Falling for a married man – playing with fire, girl!

The only guy she ever wanted to talk has two children and a beautiful wife! I’ve allowed her to throw out a few flirts on her whim – sometimes it worked, most times she walked away embarrassed.

I followed my usual Simming habit to pick the nearest eligible mate. Her neighbor in San Myshuno was that easy pick. She got pregnant (twins!) with this dude.

Neighbour-dude proceeds to stalk her everywhere. Here, Yuu is at an Upper Crust gathering with who else, Bjorn!

But she just wouldn’t stop rolling whims to interact with Bjorn.

What if … I let her pursue her poor decisions?

Then, the rest of the game got way more interesting. She was always heartbroken from seeing Bjorn blowing air kisses at Clara. Her restaurant stopped doing so well. But she found flitting happiness in the wake of successful flirts – even if they are sparse encounters.

I watched as her mood swung from blue to green to blue. Her restaurant rating was stuck at 4 and a half stars. She was a soon-to-be single mother of twins. She was fast becoming an elder and NOT getting her shit together.

And then … she finally rolled a new whim to talk to a new guy.

Did you transplant your coiffure to your chin?

This guy was the food critic responsible for bumping her restaurant up to the goal of 5 stars. And he certainly didn’t seem to mind that she came with two young boys.


So Yuu Roe (that’s her name) did get there in the end. Narrowly.

The only guest in attendance – the very first host at Yuu Ya! (And her only friend.)
He even came with a nice house, courtesy of MC Population!

But for the first time, my Sims game seemed like life.

(Bonus: her restaurant did end up awesome.)

Entrance to Yuu Ya. Credit to SimValera for the lot – I just recoloured and refurbished the place.
Revamped interior. The sushi train is a half wall, but it still works in-game!
Yuu Ya in action. I did remove the killer sushi from the menu …




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