Yuu Roe had twin boys.

Heroe (dark-haired) rolled Geek.

Yuroe (blonde) rolled Music Lover.

Immediate association: one would be #foreveralone and the other? Getting girls with his guitar.

The boys grew up in quiet Willow Creek next to the Goth’s mansion – beautiful Parkshore Manor (inherited via MC Population by their townie step-father).

When your step-dad’s a veritable food critic, mealtimes are classy as plum.
Only shot I have of the house. That’s Uyli, their step-sister.
Playing out the stereotype that Asian kids are whizzes. The 3rd kid (watching the game) is Braxton Feng – heir of Feng household, thanks to MC Pregnancy.

Then the notification for Spice Festival came up and I was curious enough to brave a loading screen. First trip to San Myshuno, the big city!

I spotted Yuroe looking very interested in Anaya Jang’s gig.

“I think that’s the rest of my life.”

So once the twins hit the Teen stage, I moved Yuroe out all alone and plopped him in the cheapest apartment in the Fashion District – 1310 21 Chic Street.

Big city! Skyscrapers! Stardom!

… of course not before I deleted all the furniture and took away all his simoleons with the Money 0 cheat. Can a tween star-to-be pay the rent make a living from music alone?

Many more steps to stardom – but just two more steps to your bed, fellow!




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