I confess Uyli Al Fassi was conceived as a legacy spare so she could keep the family restaurant while I play with her twin elder brothers.

“This photo was taken by my Simwatcher just so she can remember how cute my genetics turned out.”

And when she spun the Unflirty trait as she aged up to Adult, I knew she would be near impossible to play.

But when I got bored with the twins, I decided to try out the detective career on a whim. She’s Active and Unflirty! That’s a great combo for police work, right?

“How can I start saving the world?”
By taking witness statements from already dead Sims. Just another day of police work!

She’s got a bunch of interesting colleagues.

Look who’s the boss! Darling Walsh!
This interesting combination of Angel Datta and Marcus Flex. Her name is Ann.
“And this funny guy from my brother Heroe’s Geek club!”His name is Pranav Savalani, a game-generated dude.

Life for Uyli revolved around her police work. Whims to work out, whims to get promoted, whims to be friendly with her buddies in blue.

Hogan’s Burger Bar is a regular after-work hangout.
Uniform R&R! Is that Ann thinking this is lame?

Lots of whims to “Ask About Day” … but not a single romantic intention.

Her geeky casanova brother’s love life did intrude the police station.

Why the long face, Ann?
“My police senses tell me something’s up.”
It turns out that Ann Datta was one of many many female Sims that Heroe has trampled over in his lifetime.

And at one of their burger bar meet ups, this happened.

Savalani giving a play-by-play report: “So your brother’s been seeing Ann and about 10 other women at the same time …”

This wasn’t my doing – Heroe wasn’t even in the active household when he tried to do this! I blame this mod (and love it for making things interesting).

I didn’t get screenshots of it, but Uyli was making the most judgemental faces. I’m pretty sure this incident has cemented her perception that love is NOT for her.

I had resigned myself to the fact that Uyli’s not going to pass on her fantastic genes.

For many Sim days Uyli did what she always did.

“YOU put the cat on the tree!”
“Yet another case closed. Big hug!” They are Good Friends by this point.
Late night latte for a late night jog!
Work frustrations begone!

Everything was chugging along. At yet another Buddies in Blue’s gathering, I caught a tiny heart in Uyli’s action queue.



I swear I didn’t put them up to it.

Savalani has autonomously decided to kiss her and Uyli didn’t pull away.

I love and hate this mod.

I decided to test out if it’s was just a thing of that moment and got Uyli to feebly asking him on a date.

They didn’t get a Gold medal for this date, but this IS gold for someone like Uyli.

My second ever unflirty Sim has hooked up with someone. My first was Raj Rasoya and he died alone and single.

I married off an unflirty Sim! *ticks achievement box*

I realised what worked was the hours and hours of time spent together both at work and off work. Love crept into Uyli’s life and both she and I didn’t notice.

There was no romantic restaurants or nightclub chaos. Just BFFS -> BOOM! Married.

She’s gonna have such cute children.


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