Things in Sims don’t always make sense. Like a rich Landgraab being picked to be a waiter in a burger bar. Or a nightclub filled with ghosts. I’ve always chalked these up to be flaws in the game’s programming.

“5 minutes to grab lunch while on patrol …”

I had been busy working Uyli up the promotion ladder, with plans for her to eventually become Chief of Police. At this point, the Chief was Darling Walsh, an elder – due to pass on anytime.

“I’m gonna be sitting in YOUR seat when you die! Mwahaha!”

It made sense for the game to pick elderly Darling as the Chief. Without cheats, even if a Sim starts the Detective career on the first day of Young Adult life, it’d probably take at least one life stage to be promoted to the top!

So one of the kids in the neighbourhood, Enny Kibo (Akira Kibo + Penny Pizzazz) aged up to Young Adult and the next day, he turned up at the Police Station, starting at the very bottom.

“Gotta make 10 cups of coffee after this …”
“You’ve got to work harder to earn your badge!” Uyli was a senior detective by this point. Behind her is Youssef Mandir, the highest-ranked Sim in the station after the chief.

Side note, I love it when the game picks a Sim with family history to fill in roles instead of just generating random Townies!

Another side note, I do find Enny Kibo’s genetics to be fascinating – a strange East Asian and African blend that looks ugly-exotic-hot. The very type of look that could land him hip modelling gigs in another world. I saved him in the Library for future games.

Then one Sim day, I received a notification that Darling Walsh has died. And I got excited to get Uyli to work, just to see who would be the new chief. I was gunning for Youssef Mandir, who started out as a senior detective when Uyli was still a fresh recruit.

Any one of these Sims could be the new Chief!

But when I loaded up the Police Station, guess who was sitting in the coveted chair.

“It wasn’t me, it was the game gods.”

This young punk went from fresh recruit to Chief in three. Sim. days.

I didn’t cancel her action when Uyli proceeds to challenge him to a fight.

Guess who has the superior fitness skill.

I considered reloading so that the game could make a more sensible decision. But before that I did a little investigation.

I went into Manage Households, and it struck me. Back when Akira Kibo & Penny Pizzazz were due to die of old age while Enny was still a child, I dumped him with Darling Walsh so he could escape Social Services.

Technically, he is the adoptee of Darling Walsh.

She must have pulled strings to get him into her seat.

Why does that chillingly feels like real life? Hard work doesn’t always equal opportunity. Poor Youssef Mandir, destined to never reach the top.

It’s like … a glitch in society’s workings.

“Eat plants! Save trees!”

Leaving it up to the game programming to make decisions often created baffling situations. Or perhaps people, even ones made of pixels, just don’t always make sense?

Avire Scott is Isty’s kid sister and I had a rotational stint with her playing out the politics career. Then I got bored and left her to the mercy of MC Command Centre.

I received a notification that she got impregnated by a teenage boy. She was in her Adult stage by this point.

At first glance it was all kinds of wrong-ness. Elm A’ Moto lived in Windenburg, and she in San Myshuno. They are not in any common clubs or have any mutual friends. SO WHY THE HECK.

Then I looked back at her bank of screenshots and saw this:

Guess who was the only one not judging her for her political mural? And even chipped in to help?

THEY DID MEET. I don’t even remember this moment, and certainly didn’t make much of a random townie doing what seemed like a random deed.

So this very very strange union might seem random (and actually be random, programming-wise), it made story sense.

Naturally I HAD to move them to a hippie apartment in the Arts Quarter. This is Salim Benali’s old apartment. Their daughter’s called Shedua A’ Moto – continuing an A’ Moto trend to name offspring after names of furniture wood.

So maybe these are not game glitches. Just … life?


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