My 2nd-gen musician Sim and his writer wife had been barely living off stingy royalties. Then …

They had triplets.

My first instinct was to go into CAS and delete two of them from existence. I’ve always been a controlling player – saving the game before every risky action, reloading saves when things don’t go to plan, and even re-rolling MC Pregnancy marriages if I don’t like them.

The horror! For a negative-population type Simmer.

Instead, I grudgingly moved them out of their cosy apartment (newly renovated but only fits three) and got a family-sized apartment in Arts Quarter. The big and cheap one – 930 Medina Studios. I was too lazy to do another round of re-furnishing.

“Ugh I have to repeat this book another two times before I can get back to songwriting.” Why can’t adult Sims read to all three child Sims at the same time? Meet Shyan Alf (loner).
“We nearly didn’t exist!” I would have deleted these two in favour of the one with Yaroe’s hair colour. Meet Tyren Alf (self-assured) and Rylon Alf (lazy).

But I discovered life with three kids opens up new gameplay. No need to head to the playground to make friends! All they needed was each other.

And for the first time I really explored the Kids Stuff content! Let’s just say I got obsessed a Voidcritter craze swept through town 😉

And of course half the fun was watching these guys turn up all around town in pairs and sometimes all three together (my gameplay is rotational on my whim).

Here I was playing with Avire Scott (Isty’s kid sister), who is a plant-chewing tree-loving activist. Guess who strolled by?
“Judging YOU, lady!”

I got to see them grow up and develop distinct personalities.

Take this karaoke outing for example. Their dad, Yaroe, still has to head to Planet Honey Pop every other day to defend his karaoke champion title (and for his $500 grocery check of, course). With his entire family in tow.

Tyren and Rylon are happy to take the stage! Where’s Shyan?
Found him dancing in the toilet, away from strangers. I get it, Shyan – I probably have the Loner trait myself!
His brothers are so outgoing they are chatting up Death himself. Maybe ‘Stranger Danger’ is a good self-preservation moonlet …

And with three teenagers in the house, I was finally motivated enough to download a school lot and set up college gameplay. Nothing fancy – just a club with 8 teen sims and leaving them to make young & stupid decisions.

Of course Tyren would be the one checking out the girls’ table in the cafeteria 😉
“Hey Shyan, maybe you should talk to other people.”
“No thanks.” You’re not going to spend the rest of college Blic Blocking! *deletes all the gaming mats*

Tyren spent the rest of college talking to girls, Rylon taking naps (darn it, didn’t screenshot any!), and Shyan kept going missing – usually hiding out in the toilets.

I’m still gonna insist that triplets feels like two too many, but the Alf brothers are the unplanned exception :p


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